Wednesday, 26 June 2013

#Relate 008: Edward Bok

“Edward Bok came from Holland as a boy with his parents. He was imbued with the idea that someday he was going to run a magazine. With this specific goal before him he was able to seize upon an incident so trivial that with most of us it would have passed unnoticed.
He saw a man open a package of cigarettes, take a slip of paper from it, and drop the paper on the floor. Bok stooped and picked up the scrap of paper. On it was a picture of a famous actress. Below the picture was a statement that this was one of a series. The cigarette buyer was urged to collect the complete set of pictures. Bok turned the piece of paper over and noticed that the back side was perfectly blank.
Bok’s mind filled as it was with a purpose sensed an opportunity here. He reasoned that the value of the picture enclosed in the package of cigarettes would be greatly enhanced if the blank side were devoted to a brief biography of the person pictured. He went to the lithograph firm which printed the enclosure and explained his idea to the manger. The manager promptly said:
‘I’ll give you ten dollars each if you will write me a hundred word biography of a hundred famous Americans. Send me a list, and group them- you know: presidents, famous soldiers, actors, authors, and so on.’
This is the way Edward Bok got his first literary assignment. The demand for his short biographies became so great that he needed help, so he offered his brother five dollars each if he would help him. Before long, Bok had five journalists busy turning out biographies for the lithograph presses. Bok- he was the editor!” (Success Through A Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill)
The starting point of all achievement is through a positive mental attitude. ‘What the mind can conceive and believe- the mind can achieve.’  Because you know what you want there’s a tendency for you to get on the right track and into action. Action now becomes fun and the more you think of it, the more enthusiastic you become. Then you become alerted to opportunities that will help you achieve your objectives and because you know what you want to, you are more likely to recognize these opportunities as they present themselves in your everyday experiences. #Relate.

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